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New year, Newly Radical

What is the state of Radical Feminism in the USA today?

As a newcomer to RF, and always being pretty liberal, yet not as engaged as I should be, I am having trouble finding local groups that celebrate women alongside working towards ending the opression we very much deal with.

It is as if young women today just skipped over the part where we are not equal, in fact it’s very much just the opposite, and keep their head in the sand while waving the word Inclusion around.

Being a lesbian, or white, or concerned that woman’s spaces amd women’s sports are slowly becoming obsolete,The word Women has lost all meaning, Breastfeeding is now Chestfeeding, Declaring Sex as biological,and so much more,all this Marks you with a big scarlet letter T and banished to Neverland.

Sigh… I can’t be the only one concerned.. can I???


Poems for Women #1

This poem is one that almost every woman can remember where she was when she first read it

I first read this poem at age 14, it was republished in the newspapers Ann Landers column. I immediately cut it out and hung on my wall to read daily until…. I couldn’t anymore.

For the poem inspired most in me to decorate my own soul, to be responsible for my own happiness;or lack thereof; to love myself first. I wasn’t doing any of that. I knew it and instead of acknowledging that, I let the poem fall behind my bed as a reminder to myself that if I pretended hard enough to be what they wanted, I would be fine.

It took 12 years before I let myself remember. 12 years before I saw the poem again and it broke the wall I had carefully built and I surrendered.

It’s been 14 years since that day when I finally took responsibility for the lack of love I showed myself.

I’m still learning, but never hiding.

This poem changed the direction of my life when I most needed it. Serendipity? Coincidence? A nudge from my soul?

Maybe all of the above.